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The place that help designers build the networking-online. update

Almost everybody using an online social network, blog or space. They have become more popular these day. Because of the technology makes life easier, people can connect to the Internet very easily. Also, they have many famous online social network that most of the people using. For example, Facebook, MySpace, Google Plus, Twitter, BlogSpot and many more. These benefits has come to designers, because now more people on the online virtual soceity. Designers can express their work easier and faster. Designer also can create their own space blog to contain their works. And also allow people around the world come to critique, and giving some feedback.

Us as a modern designer, should have at least one online social space. It is very easy to set up. And also you will be able to showoff your skills. In this networking department, we will introduce some brand that might fit your life style.

The way of the world is meeting people through other people. Robert Kerrigan


New stylish creative free blog hosting. update

One of the popular free hosting blog right now is "tumblr". Because it very easy to set up, even people not use to with technology able to use. Also, tumblr provided so many variety free theme in almost every tone you wish such as simple and clean minimalist, to complex bright color full functional. One more good thing that not every blog hosting is you able to change or create your own theme in depth, but you have to have understand basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is not hard to learn.


Let's start build your network by "Tweet". update

Twitter is the most easiest social network that every one should have. It easy to set up an account and easy to share no need second though. One tweet will be spread very fast.

Maybe, you tweet would probably have a hundred people seeing. To build your network you can follow people as much as you want. But be careful if you follow everybody on the Twitter, you might end up with getting information that you don't need.